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STANLEY, N.C. (Tuesday, May 23)--With the rain delayed 'A Coffee Time Road Hawg 500"  offering five hundred dollars to the winner when the event is held this coming Saturday night, May 27 East Lincoln Speedway management decided Monday afternoon to spice things uyp a little by making the race a double points affair.

"Interest has been running high for the "A Coffee Time Road Hawg 500" and we decided double points would really attract some notice," said track manager, James Honeycutt.  "Let me point our that only the Road Hawgs will be running for double points."

With $500 on the line and now double points, it's expected there will be some serious rooting when track announcer Sam Stutts gives the call to let the Hawgts out of the pen this coming Saturday night.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION....It appears some Road hawg competitors are concerned about improper engine components in certain hawgs.  It's hard to believe isn't it?  One racer thinks another is cheating.  Is this something new to the sport.?

Scott Wells, director of Technical Operations for ELS has a cure all solution.  file a protest.  Perhaps some Hawg competitors are under the opinion that the track's sole reserved right to purchase any car for $1,200 less specified components is the only available avenue to police the division.  Wrong assumption.  Wells clarified the situation Monday afternoon with the following statement.

"Just as with any other division the track protest rule as explained beginning on page twenty-two of the East Lincoln Speedway rule book also applies to the Road Hawgt division," said Wells.  "Three items can be protested. A written protest on the official speedway protest form which I have at all times and a fee of $300 cash within five minutes after the checkered flag drops is all it will take to put me to work."

Hawg competitors, if you have reason to believe that a fellow racer is a little out of line, first read the protest procedure, get your green folding stuff together and see Mr. Wells at the chase for double points and $500.  If you are a Road Hawg racer and knowingly have something that Mr. Wells will not like of the looks of now is the ideal time to correct it.  It is likely there'll be someone with 4300.

Wells further states, "At any time the track may take a look."

BICYCLE RACES.....Saturday night.  Three age brackets.  Trophy to each winner.  Free bicycle to a lucky bicycle racer.

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